Things I Know Very Little (But Pretend to Know) About: Craft Beers

I currently live in Cincinnati, which has a lot of local breweries. One is less than a half mile from my apartment (and it’s great!).

Before I got here, I was in rural Oklahoma for work. There were more baptists churches than breweries (there were no breweries). Cincinnati, from what I was told, is one of the top cities for craft breweries in the country. I’ve only scratched the surface of the craft beer scene in this town (and Covington and Newport across the bridge in Kentucky).

To quote Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: “I like beer.” I also like going to these breweries. The aforementioned brewery down the street is large, draws big crowds almost every night and always has a few new beers on tap. Just this past weekend, I visited one in northern Kentucky and found one worth drinking most of the night.

For me, I couldn’t tell you the full details of every beer on the blackboard, but I’ll go for darker ales and lagers. If I’m going to spend between five and eight dollars for a beer, I look for flavor and an ABV worth the price.

Now, learning more about craft beers is something I could do in my down time, but I don’t always have that, so I’ll gain bits of knowledge by asking the bartenders questions. They like to say brewing is a science. It wasn’t my best subject in school, but it might make chemistry more intriguing.

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