Just How Many John Mulaney “SNL” Sketches Got Rejected?

John Mulaney might be the best standup, writer and actor I’ve stumbled upon in the last five years.

I first saw Mulaney in his standup special New in Town and then went back and heard his “Salt and Pepper Diner” bit from 2008, which only made me like him more. His other specials The Comeback Kid and Kid Gorgeous are just as good and maybe even better.

Then he played George St. Geegland in Oh, Hello with Nick Kroll, which was on Broadway for quite some time.

Mulaney’s style of humor made him the perfect person to write for a show like Saturday Night Live.

Mulaney has hosted twice in the last year and were were introduced to “Diner Lobster” the first time around.

If you have seen “Oh Hello” on Broadway or on Netflix, Mulaney does a monologue as George St. Geegland where he describes a diner menu having items like “lobster” on it.

The sketch in his first hosting gig was outrageous but so well done with a musical parody of Les Misérables, convincing Pete Davidson to not east the lobster in the Greek diner

The sketch has Mulaney written all over it, and in the lead-up to his second time hosting, we learned “DIner Lobster” was written almost nine years earlier and rejected at the writer’s table.

In his second hosting gig, we got another musical number about a bodega bathroom. Again, something from the mind of Mulaney, combining several musicals.

So with “Diner Lobster” and “Bodega Bathroom”, it begs the questions, how many sketches like this got rejected while Mulaney was an SNL writer?

Luckily, Stefon, a character he and Bill Hader created together, made the cut and the best story behind that character is Mulaney re-writing some of the jokes between dress rehearsal and live show, surprising Hader and making him break.

It should become a rule that Mulaney is required to host once a season and his shelved sketches must be done.

Also, this sketch from his first time hosting HAD to be his idea…

It’s so uncomfortable and awkward and with Mulaney playing the creep behind the sitcom, the sketch is just perfect.

I’m already excited to see what Mulaney will do in his third hosting gig next season (it’s not official, but Lorne Michaels has to have him on the short list).

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