The NCAA Tournament brings us over 12 hours of college basketball on Thursday and Friday, the two greatest days on the sports calendar.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch a lot of college basketball this season, but if that person in your bracket poll that never watched a second of action this year can fill one out, so can I.

Here’s what I got…

  • I’ll take Belmont over Maryland in the first round.
  • Murray State is my 12-seed to move out of the first round.
  • In the old 8 vs. 9 toss up, I took a few 9-seeds.
  • Call me crazy, but I’ll take Houston over Kentucky.
  • Final Four: Michigan-Duke and UNC-Villanova
  • I have UNC-Duke Part IV for the National Championship. I didn’t want to but it just worked out that way!

I’ll share my thoughts following each round on how well (or awful) I did.