30 Thoughts Before 30: #27: “I Might Try Poetry”

I started this blog to explore the different facets of my writing abilities: Some are good and others can use some work.

One genre I have heard that is creative and therapeutic for some is poetry.

Life is pretty complex, especially for someone like me who is at an age where there are endings and new beginnings.

So, I took a crack at writing a poem. It’s not perfect.

“A Certain Age”

What is a man when he reaches an age?

Another year in the passage of time;

The turning of yet, another full page?

A complex chapter of uncertain change.

Premise, climax, the ending in limbo;

The uncertainty leaves one in a cage.

The gains and losses, with both joy and pain,

can remind us of the sobering truth,

events of ones life can be out of range.

The constant foil: life, death and the rage,

leaves we, the authors, constantly changing,

the theme, the characters, and their refrain.

Our next chapter could bring more of the same,

or the unexpected twist that comes forth,

to leave him the man on the cliff that hangs.

So what makes a man of this certain age?

Could it be he who controls the story,

that is left in time, with the same blank page?

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