Things I Know Very Little (But Pretend to Know) About: Taxes

Tax Day came and went this week, and once again, I put my trust into someone else to do them.

Sure, I shelled out almost $200 to get them done, but math was not my specialty and I’d rather be right than be penalized.

The way we pay taxes in this country is weird.

The government already knows what you owe, but they leave it up to you to figure it out. If you’re well off that number, congratulations, you might to prison. What kind of sick, troll job is that?

Also, all the write-offs went away (Thanks, Trump). I just moved and none of those can be written off. I wasn’t the only one angry about this. Doing taxes was worse this year than last.

I learned how to read a W-2 and fill out a 1040 in a class I took as a senior in high school. Some details stuck. Others did not. Taxation 101 needs to be a freshman course in college.

I had two W-2 forms from different states, which makes it even more fun. I owed Oklahoma $26, which I consider a tax for leaving. I owed Cincinnati. My rent could be a higher, so I guess giving them $32 wasn’t breaking the bank.

We really need to rethink how taxes are done in this country. It’s crazy we’re thrown back into math class and have to come up with the same number the teacher, in this case, the IRS, has. And bring back the damn write-offs!

At least I didn’t do what Homer did.

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