30 Thoughts Before 30: #21: “Why Do I Even Still Have a Facebook?”

I made a Facebook account in 2008 and other than my first Gmail account, it’s one I have had the longest.

Remember the days when you were forced to post a response after “is”? Surely, you’re parents don’t know, because they’re the latest to join the site and have kind of ruined it for those it was originally intended for: college-age students.

Since the site opened to everyone, it’s become a data-mining site with bad memes and older people sharing fake news stories posted by Russian bots.

That should be enough to say “screw this, I’m getting rid of my profile”.

11 years since I made it, I’ve never had the will to do it.

It’s a nice way to keep in touch with friends from high school and college, but in 2019, I mainly go on the site if I get a notification from one of the dozen alumni or other groups I was added to by another user but it is still in a line of tabs when my browser is open.

As much as I gripe about the number of parents that have joined over the last decade, people in my generation are slowly becoming parents. We used to find baby pictures annoying, now some of my friends, that’s all they post.

I have several friend requests from people I’ve never met and older relatives that I will probably never respond to. I don’t need to see a meme that was funny in 2013 today.

I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to delete my profile. Maybe its F.O.M.O.

Have fun figuring out what that means, Facebook users over 40.

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