Puns and All, This Story Was So Pittsburgh (And So Dumb)

I’m from Pittsburgh. I went to Kennywood Park as a kid (and also as an intern at a radio station) and I enjoy watching Rick Sebak’s “Kennywood Memories” and all the recent specials that have come out from the extra footage in that special from the late 1980s. But this story is just…dumb.

To understand the context of this story, Kennywood, the amusement park outside of Pittsburgh and where people who can’t afford Disney World go, has fries that are served at a stand called the “Potato Patch”. Still following along?

They changed the cheese sauce and someone complained on Facebook and everyone was rational, sorry, I mean irrational about it, so Kennywood Park finally announced they would go back to its original cheese sauce.

Hallelujah! The summer is saved! And Oh, God! #YINZvestigation?! As someone in news and can identify as a “Yinzer”, this is facepalm worthy.

Come on guys! There are still people who still think Pittsburgh is covered in a cloud of smoke. Don’t make it harder on us!

Local TV will report on anything to fill time between weather and who was in a car crash, but the final line of the article above says it all.

KDKA has reached out to Kennywood for details about the controversy, but so far hasn’t heard back.

Props to Kennywood for just changing it back and not having a spokesperson, who probably subs as Kenny Kangaroo (or whatever this face-painted nightmare was) when everyone is out sick, call back and explain the situation.

Go to the park, eat your Potato Patch fries, ride the Thunderbolt and complain about a ride you used to like that they replaced a few years ago.

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