30 Thoughts Before 30: #14-#10

#14: What was so good about “Game of Thrones”?

I just didn’t get the hype around this show. I didn’t read the books and even when I got HBO almost two years ago, I never felt the need to catch up and become a part of the hype.

To be honest, I was tuning into HBO on Sunday night’s this spring for the final season of “Veep” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”.

#13: Whatever Happened to Dane Cook?

I was in high school when Dane Cook ruled the comedy world. He had specials, played to full arenas and then slowly faded out. My taste in comedians has changed since 2006. I prefer the likes of John Mulaney and Patton Oswalt now, but Cook was a heavy metal version of Robin Williams.

#12: Are Trivia Night’s just a precursor to Bingo Nights?

Bar trivia has become a weekly thing in my life over the past several months. I’ve met a lot of new people through it and I’m at times a dumpster of useless knowledge, so it’s nice to meet others with the same problem.

As we get older, will trivia at the bar eventually turn into Bingo nights at the senior center? I’m hoping my generation just keeps doing trivia into our elder years and coming up with pun-filled and inappropriate team names.

#11: People who Pay for Parking Might Just Be Lazy

You can’t always avoid paid parking, but free parking is out there. You just have to be observant and be willing to walk a little longer to your destination. I found my free parking area in my neighborhood.

Do I have to walk an extra minute or two? Sure. Am I saving a couple of dollars. Yep! I am getting exercise? Uh-Huh!

#10: I think I Left my Dunkin’ Iced Coffee at the Title Office

Yep, sure did. Sat it down and forgot about it. Damn.

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