“Veep’s” Uncle Jeff: Icing on the Insult Cake

It’s weird how “Veep” was a fictional portrayal of politics in Washington D.C. and after 2016 in the real political world, it seemed to become more of a documentary, but that’s not what this post is about.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer and everyone else in the cast was just marvelous, especially with the amazing, grotesque and hilarious insults they would throw at one another (especially at Jonah).

But if the cast of “Veep” was a baseball bullpen of insults, Selina Meyer is the starting pitcher, Amy, Dan, Kent, Ben and others act as the relievers and Peter MacNicol’s Jeff Kane character is the closer.

Some spoilers and bad language ahead: It’s Not TV. It’s HBO

Playing Jonah’s uncle, MacNicol’s character is a ruthless man with political power in New Hampshire and can swing the senior vote in a heartbeat.

We meet Uncle Jeff when he picks Jonah Ryan a.k.a. Jolly Green Ji** Face, to run for an open house seat in New Hampshire during a special election and act as a placeholder for cousin Ezra, who is overseas in Afghanistan.

“You f***ing shaved Sasquatch” and “you sentient enema” are two of the best Jonah insults from that first video.

It gets so much better later on. This scene in the hospital was Emmy worthy (more on that later).

“You epileptic Picasso painting!” is one of my favorites here, and it’s the first time we heard Uncle Jeff’s laugh, which makes a tremendous comeback in the final season.

When he turns heel and starts sucking up to Jonah in the finale, it’s funny to watch MacNicol take the character from 0 to 100.

Good Lord, what does “bad cop” sound like?

Same episode, this time, it becomes a crescendo of insults as he is joined by Selina.

Also, Amy’s “monument to vaginal dryness” is a nice appetizer to what comes.

MacNicol lost out on an Emmy nomination for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series because he was in too many episodes a few seasons ago.

There were only seven in the final season and I think he was in at most four, so that nomination won’t happen again.

But give it to MacNicol’s Jeff Kane for certifying the show as an insult-filled masterpiece.

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