30 Thoughts Before 30: The Final Countdown

Well, this is it. The final day of my 20s, and I still haven’t finished this list.

#9. I Regret Making Fun of People Who Drank Muscle Milk

I finally got back on a lifting regiment I actually like over a month ago and knew I probably wasn’t getting enough protein in my diet. Now I’m drinking one Muscle Milk shake a day and it’s really helping. Sorry again to anyone I made fun of in the past for drinking it.

#8. Should I be putting money in a 401K By Now?

This and perhaps investing money in stocks might be a step I take in my 30s.

#7. The 12th is the Worst Day of the Month for Me

That is the day I make my credit card payment and am forced to see just how much money is in my checking account. To be fair, it’s always lower because of rent, car and bill payments happening at the start of the month. I have to mentally prepare myself for it sometimes.

#6. Why Can’t the Weather Always Be Nice on My Day Off?

Anyone else have that happen? You’re stuck at work on a beautiful day and when you’re off, it’s cloudy or just raining all day.

#5. I Don’t Think I’m Doing Instagram Right

Like most social media apps, I made an Instagram account in college when someone mentioned it. That’s how I also got sucked into Snapchat.

I didn’t know how stories worked until about 6 months ago.

#4 There Are Too Many People Running for President

Seriously. There’s a whole lot of people running who are not going to be around come February. I get why they’re running. If it can get me a book deal, or even better, a possible cabinet position, I’d test the waters and then bow out.

#3 .Writing This Series Was Harder Than I Thought

I started the “30 Thoughts Before 30” in the winter and thought I’d be well-ahead before the day came. Between work and other things, it became harder to keep up with it.

#2. Has Anyone Been Reading This Series?

I don’t think so, but whatever.

#1. It’s Actually Happening!

My 20s definitely had its ups and downs, but for the most part, it followed the normal track. I thought I knew everything at 20. I learned at 29 that I don’t, but it will help me as I start my 30s. Hopefully I’m smarter in ten years than I am now.

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