My Love/Hate Relationship with Air Conditioning

Here’s something you already know: It’s hot in the summer. Especially this one it seems.

I spent two summers in Oklahoma, and it gets really hot out there. We’re talking 100-plus degree temperatures for consecutive days, but it wasn’t as bad with the lower humidity.

When I moved to Cincinnati last November, I went from having central A/C in my apartment to a unit built into the wall of my new apartment building that was built before air conditioning became the norm.

I thought to myself “I survived the Oklahoma summer, so it can be as bad here.”

Then came my old arch-nemesis: Humidity.

For the last few weeks, especially since we’ve entered July, it’s been uncomfortably humid. My co-worker said they woke up angry knowing it was going to be hot and humid.

One day last week was so bad, two seconds after walking outside and I said “Nope. Not feeling this”. I couldn’t walk from place-to-place without developing back sweat. I know, that’s gross.

But back to the A/C.

You really don’t know how much energy that unit uses until you get the first bill of the summer. Living in a one-bedroom apartment, my electric bill is actually lower compared to my old place, but I know I’m paying more for rent and other expenses compared to when I lived out west.

I first tried opening windows and letting the outside air do its thing, but that failed once the mercury exceeded 80 degrees. I don’t have my box fans anymore, so that would’ve helped. I left those behind with a paper sign that said “Free” next to the dumpsters.

After running “fan mode” on the unit with little to no success, I caved and turned to the “cool” setting and no more back sweat. Again, I know it’s gross, but that’s what I was dealing with.

So this month’s bill is higher and next month will be more, but I’ve given in to the reality that the cool air blowing in is money coming out of my wallet. I just wished the air moved better into my bedroom. Haven’t used the comforter for two weeks now.

But I’m looking forward to September through May (might be a stretch) where I don’t have to run it and see my bill go down.


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