Introduce the Democratic Candidates Like the 90s Chicago Bulls

I haven’t watched any of the third presidential debate featuring the 10-highest polling Democrats, but I’m sure it’s very interesting.

I’m not here to talk about policies. I’m here to talk about how they were introduced on the stage in Houston Thursday night.

Each of the candidates, one-by-one introduced like this by ABC News to a fully-lit stage and no music.

Like this (in GIF form)…

As President Trump tweeted while hate-watching the first debates: “Boring!”

If you really want to make these people look exciting and give them a chance to beat the Tweeter-in-Chief, jazz up the introductions.

Turn down the stage lights, gets some dancing lasers, a spotlight and play “Sirius” by the Allan Parsons Project.

Start playing the YouTube video below and keep reading…

Alright Houston! Let’s meet your 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates!!!

From Texas. The former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Julian “I worked for Obama” Castro!!!

Also, from Texas. Former Congressman Beto “Almost Saved Us All From Ted Cruz” O’Rourke!!!

From New York. Andrew “Crowd Surfin'” Yang!!!

From Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth “Policy-Poppin'” Warren!!!

From Delaware. Former Vice President “Uncle” Joe Biden!!!

From California. Senator Kamala “Who you calling kid?” Harris!!!

From Vermont. Senator Bernie “Not Colonel” Sanders!!!!

From South Bend, Indiana. Mayor Pete “Just call me that since you can’t say” Buttigieg!!!

From New Jersey. Senator Cory “I’m dating Rosario Dawson” Booker!!!

And from Minnesota. Amy “I Swear My Aides are Lying” Klobuchar!!!

These are your Top 10 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates!!!

Let’s just hope a few more drop out and (fingers crossed) run for Senate seats after this.

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