Weaned off Facebook, Hooked on Instagram

Once upon a time in like, 2011, I downloaded Instagram because somebody mentioned it to me. I was in college, so I already had a Facebook page, two Twitter accounts (one personal, one for my student media stuff).

At that time, I really didn’t use Instagram much. Fast forward seven years after I moved from Oklahoma to Ohio. After going through the circus that was the 2016 election, I grew tired of Facebook, which has been infiltrated by my parent’s generation, and with the current leader of the free world making Twitter a nightmare where the far right left just constantly @ each other with stupid memes, Instagram was worth checking out more last November.

I had used it to post some photos I thought were interesting, but then I realized I could send Stories.

Really? Stories?! This could be fun.

Since then, I can’t go one day without posting at least one, or two, OK maybe three different stories.

My follows are mainly friends and some local businesses, some of which have been kind enough to follow me.

Like every other social media app, I’m guilty of getting a little high off a like or notification on something I’ve posted. We’re all tech junkies, which is better than doing drugs.

Even as I use Instagram, thinking I’ve escaped the clutches of Facebook, I was quickly reminded that Facebook owns it.

At this point, it doesn’t bother me. Disney owns like 80 percent of all media now, my cable provider overtook smaller ones not long ago, so no matter where I go, the white F with the blue background is there.

Oh, and if you want to, follow me on Instagram: @Gallagher084

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