Mix & Match Monday: Woops! Forgot Last Week

Well, I broke a rule I set for myself. I missed doing a blog post last Monday. It was part laziness and the other part exhaustion from a different work schedule. It was also the day of my birthday, so I get a pass, right? Right?

Anyway…Here’s your Mix & Match Monday: Week of June 21 Edition…

-I turned 32 last week and really didn’t do anything for my birthday. Birthdays after a certain age are no longer celebrated the same way each year.

I think Patton Oswalt put it best…


-My plan to get rich quick by winning the Ohio Vax-a-Million lottery appears to be failing. There is one last drawing coming up today and the winner will be announced on Wednesday night. I’ve learned that the winner of the $1 million prize has some kind of interaction with the Governor. The most recent winner FaceTimed with him.

If I do win, just text me a couple of money bag emojis.


-I don’t know if an Islanders-Canadiens Stanley Cup Final would be good on paper, but might be better for television ratings. Nothing against the Vegas Golden Knights or defending champion, the Tampa Bay Lightning, but New York and Montreal, two teams nobody saw making it to the Stanley Cup Semifinals in a season unlike others in the past, are peaking at the right time.

Both semifinal seres are 2-2 as of this post, so they have at least been entertaining.

It is still strange to see Vegas, Tampa and New York all back to full capacity crowds and Montreal is still limited to around 3,000 fans. Come on, Trudeau! 75 percent of Canadians have at least one vaccine dose, and two out of ten are fully vaccinated. Just give the second doses out at Tim Horton’s or something.

Maybe get Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews to help out like when Sidney Crosby and Nate MacKinnon worked at a Tim Horton’s drive-thru several year ago.

McDavid and Matthews have had a lot of downtime the past couple weeks…


-We are at the start of air conditioning season, and that means the electric bill will experience its annual summer bump. Having an apartment means the electric bill is reasonable, but from June thru August, it doubles, and almost tripled two summers ago.


-Later this week, I’m heading to Deep Creek in Maryland for my future brother-in-law’s bachelor party. For as hot as it has been, it will feel more like spring while we’re there. The latest weather check had temperatures in the 70s on day one, with a high of 69 the second day. Maybe I won’t need all that sunscreen, after all. That’s a lie, I burn easily.

UPDATE: Both days will be in the upper 70s now. Gotta love when a forecast 5 days out changes for the better.

Earlier this year, I think Saturday Night Live wrote the unofficial anthem for bachelor parties…


-I will be attending my first Reds game since 2019 this Thursday night and I’m really looking forward to it. Although, my girlfriend and I had a debate going Sunday night when making plans for what to do before the game while in the Banks, the area around Great American Ballpark that has bars, restaurants, etc. That debate is “How long before first pitch until you go into the ballpark?”

Chew on that for a bit. Another blog post is coming this week about that.

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