Mix & Match Monday: “But Look, I Made You Some Content”

I think in last week’s post, I made the comment that there was nothing good on Netflix right now. It turns out I was wrong.

Bo Burnham’s new special “Inside” was highly-recommended by friends, co-workers and the podcasts I listen to.

On Sunday night, I finally watched it and really enjoyed it. Along with Burnham’s clever song-writing, the editing caught the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on people’s mental health, as Burnham shared his own battles with it in the past.

I think I’ve listened to his songs “Content” and “White Woman’s Instagram” about a dozen times since watching the special.

When he gets to the chorus in “Content”, it cracks me up. In the special, he’s in the dark, wearing one of those flashlights coal miners wear on their helmets around his head, pointing it up at a disco ball, creating the “content”. Burhman is saying “I know you don’t care that I’m depressed and you content junkies just need something shiny to look at!”.

While there’s no good video of the opening song “Content”, there is one for “White Woman’s Instagram”…

Well, as Burnham would say, “Look, I made you some content”…

Here’s your Mix & Match Monday: Week of July 5 Edition

Did you have Monday off? Well, lucky you! You needed that third, extra day to drink yourself silly and shoot fireworks. But seriously, good on you for having a profession where your work is not essential during national, religious or federal holidays. You’ve made it!


-I would imagine most dog owners have not made it to a fireworks show on the 4th of July in years. Not all dogs, but most dogs I’ve come into contact with hate this holiday because of the noise fireworks and other explosives make. It’s hard to watch them pant at a fast rate and do circles knowing all you can do is try to comfort them until your neighbors runs out of stuff to blow up or scream in agony when they blow their fingers off and have to go to the hospital.


Joey Chestnut continues to remind us that nobody overrates on a holiday like he does. He ate 76 hot dogs during the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Sunday. He’s a competitive eater, but I feel for the bathroom that gets a visit from him the hours and day or two after the contest.


-I learned this weekend that I inherited something from my father: his attitude while trying to move a couch through thresholds and up stairs. My girlfriend asked if I could help her move her old couch, and of course I said “Yes”. The challenge was getting it through a narrow threshold and up a narrow staircase. After some time, I got irritated and wasn’t very pleasant to be around, leading to a couple of apologies from me to her. “It’s not you I’m mad at, it’s the f***ing couch”, I said.

The couch wound up in the basement.

—————————— —————————————————————————————-

-The NHL’s time on NBC will be ending at some point this week with the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final after being the U.S. television carrier for the league since 2005. As a long-time hockey fan, I still remember watching games on the Outdoor Life Network, which later became Versus, then NBC Sports Network. I remember growing up in Pittsburgh being in anguish when the Penguins were on OLN or Versus only and our cable company didn’t have it yet. My dad mocked it saying during the Outdoor Life Network year, there would be cows grazing behind the studio hosts.

It has been announced that NBC Sports Network will cease to exist come 2022, as sports content moves to USA Network and Peacock. This cable channel during its run with hockey had a shorter life than Brood X Cicadas.

The NHL’s years on NBC have been good overall, with the network giving the league a home as it came out of a lockout that wiped out the entire 2004-05 season.

ESPN and Turner Sports have coverage the next seven seasons, and based on their reputations, the NHL, on far-better ground now than it was 16 years ago, is in great hands, but has NBC to thank for helping them grow the game.

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