Cincinnati: One Year Later

You always grow familiar with a certain place after you have lived there for some time. For over two years, the rural Oklahoma town of Woodward, a place I never thought I would venture to before the summer of 2016, was my home for work, where I learned to appreciate the small town life afterContinue reading “Cincinnati: One Year Later”

Taking a Step Back From Sports

I’ve always loved sports. I played several of them as a kid, watch them on a regular basis and at times growing up, they were my biggest concern. For the first five-plus years out of college, they surrounded my job titles in radio. When I took my job in Oklahoma, on top of doing news,Continue reading “Taking a Step Back From Sports”

30 Thoughts Before 30: The Final Countdown

Well, this is it. The final day of my 20s, and I still haven’t finished this list. #9. I Regret Making Fun of People Who Drank Muscle Milk I finally got back on a lifting regiment I actually like over a month ago and knew I probably wasn’t getting enough protein in my diet. NowContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: The Final Countdown”

30 Thoughts Before 30: #14-#10

#14: What was so good about “Game of Thrones”? I just didn’t get the hype around this show. I didn’t read the books and even when I got HBO almost two years ago, I never felt the need to catch up and become a part of the hype. To be honest, I was tuning intoContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #14-#10”

30 Thoughts Before 30: #20-#15

Woops. Thought I’d be further ahead with this series. My 30th is just over two weeks away so I’m picking up the pace… #20: Does anyone really enjoy lifting? I mainly lifted due to high school football, but once that stopped, so did the lifting. I mainly just did cardio and the occasional ab workout.Continue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #20-#15”

30 Thoughts Before 30: #21: “Why Do I Even Still Have a Facebook?”

I made a Facebook account in 2008 and other than my first Gmail account, it’s one I have had the longest. Remember the days when you were forced to post a response after “is”? Surely, you’re parents don’t know, because they’re the latest to join the site and have kind of ruined it for thoseContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #21: “Why Do I Even Still Have a Facebook?””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #22: “What Kind of Uncle Should I Be?”

Back in March, my sister gave birth to her first child. With that, I became Uncle Sean and my sisters became aunts. That’s a weird thought at first because most of our parents had brothers and sisters, which made them uncles and aunts to us. They all remain a part of my life, but itContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #22: “What Kind of Uncle Should I Be?””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #23: “Should I Get Those 10,000 Steps In Daily?”

I stay active. I go to the gym five to six times a week and do cardio and some light lifting. Lately, I’ve heard about people who try to do 10,000 steps a day, which seems like a lot, but I found out it doesn’t have to be. Now that it’s getting warmer, I’m leavingContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #23: “Should I Get Those 10,000 Steps In Daily?””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #25: “I Like Naps Now”

I used to hate taking naps as a little kid. I didn’t like the idea of sleeping for an hour in the afternoon. It was one of the few contested moments of childhood between my mom and I. As I got older, I realized the nap was to give her a break from me andContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #25: “I Like Naps Now””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #28: “We Might Be Too Old For Facebook. Or Maybe Not?”

I remember when I first joined Facebook. It was June 2008 and I had just graduated from high school. You know, as a way to keep in touch with those fellow students and make friends with people I would meet in college (I never met EVERY person I friended when I was in college), butContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #28: “We Might Be Too Old For Facebook. Or Maybe Not?””