Mix & Match Monday: Woops! Forgot Last Week

Well, I broke a rule I set for myself. I missed doing a blog post last Monday. It was part laziness and the other part exhaustion from a different work schedule. It was also the day of my birthday, so I get a pass, right? Right? Anyway…Here’s your Mix & Match Monday: Week of JuneContinue reading “Mix & Match Monday: Woops! Forgot Last Week”

Who in Pittsburgh had a Worse Week? Tristan Jarry or Will Craig?

The week of May 23 was not a good one for Pittsburgh sports, and there are two athletes in town who carried the baton for this race to the bottom between the Penguins and Pirates. Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry got it started Monday when he helped assist on the Islanders game-winning goal in double overtimeContinue reading “Who in Pittsburgh had a Worse Week? Tristan Jarry or Will Craig?”

Mix & Match Monday: Maybe This Will Catch On?

Introducing “Mix & Match Monday”: random observations and a look ahead at the week coming up because you never know what’s gonna blindside us these days. Well, it is the week before Memorial Day weekend. When I was a kid, the upcoming weekend was the signal that school was going to be winding down withinContinue reading “Mix & Match Monday: Maybe This Will Catch On?”

Being a Pessimistic Pirates Fan in a Pessimistic Sports Town

Being from Pittsburgh, I really have no excuse to complain about my sports teams. The Penguins have won three Stanley Cup since 2009 and five in my lifetime. I’ve seen the Steelers win two Super Bowl and go to four. But if I have one gripe with pro sports in the Steel City, it wouldContinue reading “Being a Pessimistic Pirates Fan in a Pessimistic Sports Town”