Mix & Match Monday: “But Look, I Made You Some Content”

I think in last week’s post, I made the comment that there was nothing good on Netflix right now. It turns out I was wrong. Bo Burnham’s new special “Inside” was highly-recommended by friends, co-workers and the podcasts I listen to. On Sunday night, I finally watched it and really enjoyed it. Along with Burnham’sContinue reading “Mix & Match Monday: “But Look, I Made You Some Content””

Mix & Match Monday: Is this How A Team From Canada Finally Wins a Stanley Cup?

There is a lot that can be said about the 2021 NHL season. For the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it hasn’t been dull. This season, four different divisions were created, with all seven teams in Canada in one due to COVID-19 issues, and teams just played the ones within their divisions all season long and throughContinue reading “Mix & Match Monday: Is this How A Team From Canada Finally Wins a Stanley Cup?”

Taking a Step Back From Sports

I’ve always loved sports. I played several of them as a kid, watch them on a regular basis and at times growing up, they were my biggest concern. For the first five-plus years out of college, they surrounded my job titles in radio. When I took my job in Oklahoma, on top of doing news,Continue reading “Taking a Step Back From Sports”

30 Thoughts Before 30: The Final Countdown

Well, this is it. The final day of my 20s, and I still haven’t finished this list. #9. I Regret Making Fun of People Who Drank Muscle Milk I finally got back on a lifting regiment I actually like over a month ago and knew I probably wasn’t getting enough protein in my diet. NowContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: The Final Countdown”

30 Thoughts Before 30: #23: “Should I Get Those 10,000 Steps In Daily?”

I stay active. I go to the gym five to six times a week and do cardio and some light lifting. Lately, I’ve heard about people who try to do 10,000 steps a day, which seems like a lot, but I found out it doesn’t have to be. Now that it’s getting warmer, I’m leavingContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #23: “Should I Get Those 10,000 Steps In Daily?””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #25: “I Like Naps Now”

I used to hate taking naps as a little kid. I didn’t like the idea of sleeping for an hour in the afternoon. It was one of the few contested moments of childhood between my mom and I. As I got older, I realized the nap was to give her a break from me andContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #25: “I Like Naps Now””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #27: “I Might Try Poetry”

I started this blog to explore the different facets of my writing abilities: Some are good and others can use some work. One genre I have heard that is creative and therapeutic for some is poetry. Life is pretty complex, especially for someone like me who is at an age where there are endings andContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #27: “I Might Try Poetry””

30 Thoughts Before 30: #28: “We Might Be Too Old For Facebook. Or Maybe Not?”

I remember when I first joined Facebook. It was June 2008 and I had just graduated from high school. You know, as a way to keep in touch with those fellow students and make friends with people I would meet in college (I never met EVERY person I friended when I was in college), butContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30: #28: “We Might Be Too Old For Facebook. Or Maybe Not?””

Turning into My Parents: Lights

Welcome to “Turning into My Parents”. A series on how I’m slowly becoming more like the people who raised me. You really can’t comprehend as a child that the thing powering the television and lights in the house isn’t free. My grandfather always asked us as kids if we had turned the lights off inContinue reading “Turning into My Parents: Lights”

30 Thoughts Before 30. #30: “Are the Best Years Really Behind Me?”

Short answer: No. We’re often told we have to do everything by the end of our 20s to set up the rest of our life. The problem is, most of us don’t have everything figured out by then. Some mask it by getting married and having a kid or two. Others like me improvise withoutContinue reading “30 Thoughts Before 30. #30: “Are the Best Years Really Behind Me?””