30 Thoughts Before 30. #30: “Are the Best Years Really Behind Me?”

Short answer: No.

We’re often told we have to do everything by the end of our 20s to set up the rest of our life.

The problem is, most of us don’t have everything figured out by then.

Some mask it by getting married and having a kid or two. Others like me improvise without the ring and tiny humans.

First, for the married with children friends, they’ve moved several spaces forward in the game of life. While a little ahead of the game, they are now tasked with being responsible for another human or humans. They probably have a house with a mortgage with joint incomes, too. What do they want, a medal? Sorry, but seriously, they wanted that life and they embrace it. Based on the Facebook and Instagram posts, it seems to be going well for all.

Now, back to single, childless me.

It’s kind of nice.

I picked radio as a career. It’s one that doesn’t quickly lead to a house purchase and paying off my college while starting a fund for someone else.

I’m fine with that.

What’s refreshing is I’m not the only one.

Marriage among 20-somethings is down while both men and women focus on their careers. You may call it selfish, but based on the economic circumstances facing my generation and with people living longer, I find it wise.

College was great, the first few years after provided a heavy dose of reality, but after hitting a few air pockets, that period of turbulence has stopped for the time being.

I’m in a good place with my career path in radio and continue to gain more experience, Cincinnati has more nightlife than rural Oklahoma and that helps with meeting new people, which can be a pain as an adult male (at least for me at times).

The best years are still ongoing.

29 Thoughts Until 30.

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