The “Sean Gallagher Has Thoughts 2021 Spring Cleaning Spectacular”

There is nothing like a good spring cleaning, especially when you clean out old files taking up memory on your decade-old MacBook Pro.

That is what I spend this morning doing. Just emptying out file after file of content I have not opened or needed for years, which were slowing down my still-durable Mac almost ten years after getting it.

Because of this, getting the blog going again (I mean it this time!) will be easier since I won’t get the pinwheel of death anymore. Maybe it helps that I don’t have three different internet browsers on this laptop after today.

Also, speaking of spring cleaning, has an all-new look!

New logo, new photo of yours truly and there will be new content as our “Hot Vaxxed Summer” gets underway.

More content will be coming.

In the meantime, follow me on twitter @GallagherRadio, Facebook and on Instagram @GallagherOnTheRadio

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