“The Big Game”: A Football Musical We Didn’t Ask for But We’ll Happily Take

Radio shows doing musical parodies is nothing new. But what happens when the executive producer of a long-time sports radio show now-podcast gets the urge to do a musical about the Super Bowl? Well, if you’re The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz‘s Mike Ryan, you partner with JT Daly to write 11 songs and recruit Le Batard, Stugotz, the other producers nicknamed “The Shipping Container”, friends of the show and others a part of Meadowlark Media to perform those numbers.

Not knowing what to expect when the full musical dropped in a podcast on March 3, the crew from the top sports podcast likely exceeded everyone’s expectations. Going into it, you know that the cast is not compiled of people with Broadway experience, so production included auto tune which people who get the show would expect, but overall, everyone puts in the work to make a musical filled with football cliches feel like it could be a show performed on stage in front of an audience.

On Thursday, the full album was released on iTunes and was No. 1 among all albums just hours after showing up in the store.

I highly recommend buying the album ($9.99) and had a few notes on what I liked.

Dan Le Batard was the perfect person for the opening number. He explains how the NFL has so many things wrong with it, but we can’t stop watching it and nothing can get in the way of the game. I love how Le Batard’s rant is interrupted with the excitement of NFL Redzone’s “Witching Hour”.

As Dan says “Nothing stop the NFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL”

Stugotz singing about how painful it is to be a New York Jets fan.

We’ve also learned that Stugotz has range…

Greg Cote of The Miami Herald singing about football back in his day with his infamous cough being worked into the music is genius.

Mike Ryan singing a telling of the NFL Playoffs like it’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is one of the songs that has been stuck in my head the past week. Also, adding a show sponsor without it taking away from the musical number: brilliant!

A slow jam about Tom Brady? Like this whole musical, we maybe didn’t need it, but it’s so well-done, we’ll take it.

Jessica Smetana is the best singer of the group. The tempo of “Take Me There” at the beginning reminds me of “Go Cubs Go“. Jessica is a Cubs fan, so maybe the vocals came natural.

Ron Magill from Zoo Miami in dramatic fashion telling me what would happen in a battle between a bengal tiger and ram was a pleasant surprise in what is part of the big reprise at the end of the musical.

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